March 2, 2020

Fish Barrier and Ice Boom Maintenance and Decomissioning

Parsons Inc. is the Constructor for the Faro Mine Complex Care and Maintenance Services for Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada to complete the North Fork of Rose Creek (NFRC) Project at the Faro Mine Complex. Parsons is presently soliciting competitive bids for the purpose of selecting the best value firm to complete all the associated work with the Fish Barrier and Ice Boom Maintenance and Decommissioning Project, as described in the Documents.


The documents can be downloaded from Merx ([])

Publication Date: 2020/03/02

Question Acceptance Deadline: 2020/03/11 at 5pm PDT

Closing Date: 2020/03/13 4pm PDT

Onsite Visit: 2020/03/10 10am PDT

Contact Information:  

Frances Shaw
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