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We promote excellence in the Construction Industry by building core values, streamlining opportunities, and providing an effective voice for the local construction industry. ​

Support Safety
Promoting Workmanship

Yukon Contractors Association

Providing Information & Support
to Contractors, Suppliers & Consultants

Big and Small

Become A Member:  

Our objective is to represent the collective and common interests of the Yukon construction industry to all levels of government, and to major development groups. We strive to promote harmonious coexistence of northern contactors for the net benefit of our industry as a whole.

Membership Benefits:
  1. Membership to the Canadian Construction Association ($180 value)
  2. Opportunity for extended health coverage through The Construction Industry's Benefit Plan
  3. Access to YCA boardroom
  4. Discount rates for CCA/CCDC Documents
  5. General Monthly Membership Meetings
  6. Recipient of regular YCA Email Correspondence
Unify Local Contractors

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