• ​Recipient of regular YCA email correspondence
  • ​Communications and liaison with other organizations
  • ​Representation to Government, Owners, etc.​
  • ​Fellowship with your colleagues
  • ​A voice in the improvement and development of our industry​
  • General monthly membership meetings


General/Trade Contractor

Benefits of Membership:



  1. To represent the collective and common interests of the Yukon construction industry to all levels of government and to major development groups
  2. To provide opportunity for the exchange of ideas among members
  3. Encourage the privatization of government services
  4. To promote harmonious coexistence of northern contractors for the net benefit of our industry as a whole
  5. To promote membership throughout the territory
  6.  To continue to work with the Yukon Apprenticeship Program to ensure quality training from our tradespeople
  7. To market our services and expertise, thereby expanding opportunities for employment and business growth

  • Membership to the Canadian Construction Association​ 
    ($180 value)
  • ​​Opportunity for extended health coverage through The Construction Industry's Benefit Plan
  • Access to YCA boardroom
  • Discount rates for CCA/CCDC documents
  • ​Listing on the YCA website and in our membership directory

The Yukon Contractor's Association is a highly valued organization providing a consultative role to Government and other Yukon organizations on behalf of the Yukon Construction Industry. - Carl


The Association is great for networking * The YCA supports local contractors * The YCA keeps us informed * YCA is doing a great job! * We appreciate the service that the Association has provided us, with respect to projects out for tender * We recognize that YCA's commitment to improve and keep the lines of communication open with YG and other organizations is valid and worthwhile, and that their facilitation of continual training is essential to this improvement, which ultimately produces quality work from quality contractors

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